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The mission of the Trabzon -Nagasaki Friendship and Culture Association (TNFC Association)   

To further develop ongoing relations between the Turkey and Japan communities and to create an environment which will enable the people of both communities to get to know and understand each other well.

The vision of the Turkey-Nagasaki Friendship and Culture Association 

Trabzon -Nagasaki Friendship and Culture Association is a non-profit organization that aims to serve as the gateway between the Turkey and Japan societies. Through an expanding use of education, arts business opportunities and social activities, TNFC Association will create an improved environment in which to strive for joint interests, mutual understanding, and friendship, especially among influential elements of the two societies and those who may wield influence in the future.

Core values of the Trabzon -Nagasaki Friendship and Culture Association

1. Established Standards of Excellence as Recognized by Both Cultures 

2. Customer and Member Satisfaction with Relevant Association Offerings

3. Continuous Self-Evaluation and Evolution of Activities, Programs and Processes.

4. Financially Viable Organization



Tokyo office: Tokyo to Shinjiku ku Yotsuya 1-10-2 2F JAPAN, Post kodu: 160-0004

Nagasaki office: Nagasaki-shi Motofuna machi 14-9 JAPAN,  Posta kodu: 850-0035

Email: info@japonyaticaret.com   /   Web: www.japonyaticaret.com