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Technical Services


We are turning a new page to get better results in a service to our customers in Japan. “Organization and Motivation” concept will provide you unusual concept in product introduction therefore you will be able to present your products to targeted customers and can promote your brand in Japan.

Our targets which we developed by this concept with different service point of view:

-Development of Corporate Image

-Presenting Product in Most Effective Way

-Designing Livable and Perceivable Advertisements

-Establishment and Development of Relations with the Customers and Business Partners



"If the customer is not able to come to us, we must go to the customer." This sentence explain the simple and basic idea of Roadshow. Japanese people never purchase anything without seeing it, tasting it or doing market survey. For this reason, visiting your customers with your products and introducing yourself directly by Roadshow will help you to find out their opinions and give you the best results.

TJT Corporation promise you to provide unforgettable Roadshow experience which will be suitable for your concept, including effective presentation methods for your target audience, enriched with the variety tour organizations and well-trained employees.



Japanese market is one of the most difficult markets to enter. The most important reasons are the difficulties of doing business with technically qualified people and the costs. If you like your product and target audience let them try your products once.

We are ready to provide you the valuable experiences analyzed by gourmet people for food products, fashion icons for textile sector, experienced people in a market  for the textile industry. Reaching these experiences may take over years for you.

Our aim is to let you reach your targets with our reports at the end.

Tokyo office: Tokyo to Shinjiku ku Yotsuya 1-10-2 2F JAPAN, Post kodu: 160-0004

Nagasaki office: Nagasaki-shi Motofuna machi 14-9 JAPAN,  Posta kodu: 850-0035

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